Pros And Cons Of Hardwood Flooring In Your Kitchen

porcelain-floor-tile-with-seawood-effect-peronda-foresta-thumb___The kitchen is the heart, the literal hot area of the house. Thus, it’s crucial that you consider all the flooring options, such as hardwood floors for example. Hardwood provides a warm and timeless beauty to any space it’s installed, but is it appropriate to your kitchen?

Experts of Hardwood Floors On Your Kitchen

To begin with, we’ll begin with the positive aspects of choosing wood flooring for your kitchen.


Hardwood is one of the most attractive flooring materials for your property. Regardless of what your preference is, there’s a species and colour of wood which will fit your style. And by using hardwood flooring in your kitchen, it can create a smooth appearance between that room and the others around it.


Hardwood is a generally durable flooring material. The thick, solid structure of the planks make it easy to sand and refinish whenever indications of wear show, which are more likely in a high-traffic area like the kitchen.

Refinishing Alternatives

One thing that’s very important to use on hardwood flooring, particularly in the kitchenis an extremely durable polyurethane finish that can make your floors look more lovely and will hold up to light spills and splatters.

Simple to Maintain

Hardwood flooring is quite easy to look after and maintain, which is helpful when using Trafficmaster-Flooring-With-Wood-Tableit on your kitchen. All you want a is a vacuum that is meant for hard surfaces, either a simple broom or a damp mop to find the job done.

Cons of Hardwood in the Kitchen

Easy to Scratch and Dent

The softness of timber makes it rather easy to dent and scratch. And with everything goes on in the kitchen, this can make your floor to look older sooner than you were anticipating.

Not Water Resistant

Water and hardwood aren’t friendly with each other. Long exposure to moisture can cause it to swell, warp or perhaps divide. And if there’s ever a sink or dishwasher leak that is not seen right away, that section of the floor may need to be repaired or even replaced. Also, wet mops on hardwood floors can cause moisture to seep in through the joints and seams of the planks. So, that is why moist mops are much better to use.

However, there are a couple choices which could aid with this disadvantage: engineered hardwood and waterproof hardwood–that’s right, watertight hardwood.

Engineered hardwood has layers that are designed to reduce moisture problems that are usually associated with solid hardwood. And today, due to amazing innovations, collections of watertight hardwood flooring using a distinctive sub-layer have been introduced to help us get the appearance of natural hardwood without fretting about splatters, pet stains and routine water spills.

So, now that we’ve laid out the advantages and disadvantages of hardwood flooring, you can now begin really thinking about whether it’s the right flooring option for your kitchen!




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